Microsoft SQL Server Online Training in India
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Microsoft SQL Server Online Training in India

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Retors Lernen Labs Microsoft SQL Server online training is designed to train IT professionals and developers how to implement and manage their database solutions. Specifically, our Microsoft SQL Server courses focus on how to migrate to the cloud with the ability to scale on demand and how to implement the powerful reporting features in SQL server. These Microsoft SQL Server classes also teach the capabilities of our Microsoft SQL Server that pertain to creating reliable, secure, and robust mission-critical applications. Our Microsoft SQL Server Training Courses provide the skills needed to build a solid foundation for SQL Server development and administration.


Microsoft SQL Server is an enterprise level database solution. It is recommended when a robust database solution is required.
• Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2 environment.
• 1 gigabyte of storage space on the central Microsoft SQL Server database servers.
• Daily backups (at minimum) with two week retention.
• Ability to safely store Category-I data in databases.
• Access to the ITS Systems Microsoft SQL Server team for advice and troubleshooting.

Fully Managed

Microsoft SQL Server is offered as a "Fully Managed" database. In the Fully Managed infrastructure, ITS owns, manages, and supports the Microsoft SQL Server hardware and software resources. The service includes high availability features and regular backups.

Fully Managed Microsoft SQL Server is recommended for departments, colleges, or other groups that require Microsoft SQL Server service but who do not have the appropriate hardware, software, or staff resources to run it themselves. It is also recommended for those who will be using Category-I data in their databases.
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